Man given jail term for attacking his ex

A 26-YEAR-OLD man who grabbed his ex-girlfriend around the neck has been jailed.

Timothy Malone, of Bernhard Gardens, Eastbourne, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Tuesday (August 2) and pleaded guilty to assaulting his former partner and mother of his children.

The court heard Malone had asked his ex-girlfriend to come back to the home they once shared together because he was due to move and needed to sort out their joint belongings. When she arrived at the home on Monday (August 1), Malone’s mother warned her he was in a bad mood.

They later heard crashing upstairs and found him smashing up a wardrobe.

Malone asked them to leave but as they went downstairs his ex-partner went to pick up pictures of the children and Malone told her to clean up the mess he had made of the wardrobe. Magistrates were told Malone started shouting at his ex-partner and raised his fist to her.

She said she was ‘petrified’ because Malone was ‘livid with rage’ and she thought he was going to hurt or kill her.

He told her she was not going anywhere, before grabbing her round the throat and squeezing her neck. The court heard she could feel her throat closing and was having difficulty breathing.

The woman managed to get free and escaped from the property out of a window, before knocking on a stranger’s door for help.

The stranger said the victim was not wearing shoes and was ‘distraught and shaking’. Police said the woman had reddening to her neck, was having hysterical fits and hyperventilating as a result of a panic attack.

The offence put Malone in breach of a 16-week suspended prison sentence, which was imposed for drink driving offences in April.

Antony Stannard, defending, admitted magistrates had no choice but to jail Malone. Mr Stannard said, “His life has collapsed around him – he has gone from a stable relationship, living with the children and having a good job to losing all of that. He also has issues with alcohol and drug misuse.”

Magistrates imposed a 24-week prison sentence.