Man denies trying to murder father

A MAN has denied trying to hasten his terminally ill father’s death by suffocating him in a hospital bed.

Joseph Peachey said his 79-year-old father Albert told him he did not want to die in hospital.

He told a jury that he wanted to take his father home so that he could nurse him there.

Peachey, 48, fled from the dock in tears as he recalled how his father was diagnosed with bowel cancer just months after his mother also died from cancer in June last year.

The retired plumber was admitted to Eastbourne District General Hospital for an operation in November.

However, he fell from his bed and needed an operation to pin a broken leg before he could have surgery on his bowel.

He suffered a massive stroke on December 20 and was given just days to live, the jury at Lewes Crown Court was told.

After he had recovered his composure Peachey returned to the dock and denied attempting to murder his father hours after a surgeon broke the bad news to him.

Peachey said, “I still wanted to get him home because I did not want him to die in hospital.

“He told me he did not want to die in hospital and I hoped I could still get him home.

“I just had to keep my hope up that they were wrong about him dying.”

Senior staff nurse Robin Wilson had earlier described how he found Peachey squeezing the pensioner’s nose with one hand and covering his mouth with the other when he went to administer pain killers.

Peachey said he had been checking to see if his father’s false teeth were still in and needed adjusting.

He said, “I put two fingers on his nose and my hand on his jaw to open his mouth.

“I did not want to put any strain on his neck and that is what I had been shown to do.”

Kathryn Hirst, defending, asked, “Did you want to end your father’s suffering quicker than nature intended?

“Were you trying to hasten your father’s end and stop him breathing so that he would die quicker?”

Peachey replied, “No.”

His father died five days later on Christmas Day after the stroke left him in a deep and unrecoverable coma.

Peachey, of Badlesmere Road, Eastbourne, denies attempted murder.

He has pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Wilson, a security guard and two police officers during a struggle at the hospital in which armed police were forced to use a Taser stun gun to restrain him.

The trial continues.