Man assaulted constable after phone snapped

A FATHER lashed out at a police officer after his mobile phone, containing photos of his children, was broken in a struggle.

Alan Cogan, a recovering drug addict, had been taken to Eastbourne custody after being arrested for a matter for which no further action was taken.

The 41-year-old reached into his pocket when he received a text message but was told he wasn’t able to look at it but refused to hand it over. The police constable then took hold of one part of the flip phone while the defendant held the other part and the phone broke.

Following this Cogan, of Oakleaf Drive, Polegate, kicked out twice at the officer in the groin area.

The defendant, whose partner is heavily pregnant, initially pleaded not guilty to assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty but changed his plea to guilty.

Robert Gregory, defending, said, “With regard to this particular incident my client was rather perturbed at being arrested for an offence for which he was later released.

“He was rather upset and my instructions are he had been searched and another phone had been seized by police but this mobile phone hadn’t been.

“My client’s mobile phone has then been sent a text message and he is concerned for his partner as she is pregnant and he took the decision to look at that message.

“He was upset that the phone had snapped because he had seen his children earlier in the day and taken photos. There was no memory card, so the photos are unable to be obtained.

“My client accepts he has kicked out towards the police office.

“He is remorseful and if he has the opportunity to apologise to that officer if he given the opportunity to do so.”

He said his client used to take heroin but had been clean of substances for seven years, adding, “He has been diagnosed with personality disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.”

Cogan received a 12-month conditional discharge and was told to pay £100 in costs.