Lurcher stolen from outside Hailsham home - police investigate second attempted dog theft

POLICE are hunting for three men in Hailsham about a missing dog and the attempted theft of another dog in the town on Wednesday evening.

According to police the victim, who lives in Observatory View, heard his dogs barking outside at around 11pm. When he went outside to investigate he discovered one of his dogs, a lurcher, had gone missing.

A suspicious-looking vehicle was parked nearby with three men inside.

Then, around the same time, another victim in Battle Road saw some men trying to steal his dog, but this time he managed to stop them.

The men were all described as wearing dark clothes, hats and gloves, and the vehicle is believed to be a Daihatsu van with a blue stripe down the side.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting serial 1859 19/9.