Lib Dem’s survey lets residents have their say on crime

Pat Rodohan
Pat Rodohan

A CRIME survey is on it way to Upperton residents.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor Pat Rodohan will be spending his evenings delivering a survey over the next couple of weeks, with the help of a few LibDem helpers.

Cllr Rodohan is launching the survey as an opportunity for residents to raise their concerns in an easy and confidential way.

“Although crime has been reduced across Eastbourne, he wants to target areas the residents themselves identify as a problem.

Cllr Rodohan said, “I am delighted that while the Liberal Democrat Borough Council has been helping community groups, crime has reduced by 18 per cent. I want to go further. A number of residents have come to me with problems about anti-social behaviour and the like, and this survey will aid us in identifying and helping what areas residents are concerned with.”

He also wants to see a further reduction of crime in the area he represents and added, “I am also delighted a number of young people have come to me and have asked to help.”

Tom Wardale, 18, said he wanted to help this Lib Dem initiative.

He said, “I’m concerned with the well-being of our area. I’m really happy to be able to help Pat deliver the crime survey.

“Some of my friends at college are concerned at the way young people are portrayed, so I wanted to give up some time to help the residents with their concerns. I want to help Pat reach out to as many people as possible with his survey in our community, young, old and in-between.”

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