Jealous rage led to ladder attack

A JEALOUS boyfriend beat a man who had slept with his girlfriend with a step ladder, a court heard.

Jamie Field and his girlfriend were talking about the infidelity when they came across the man in the town centre.

Field, 30, ran at the startled man who turned on his heel and sought sanctuary in a convenience store.

Field, of Biddenden Close, followed him in, punched him to the ground, stamped on his chest and then set about him with an aluminium step ladder.

He said, “You’re lucky you’re in a shop. The next time I see you I will slit your throat.”

The shopkeeper called the police and Field was arrested near the scene last Wednesday (May 25).

Paramedics treated the man who had been left with pain to his spine, swelling to his right arm and cuts to his head.

The victim of the assault said, “I’m concerned that Jamie might attack me again. I have three children.

“What if he were doing something like that to me if I was in charge of them. What would he do if he did that in a shop?”

He added, “I don’t believe he should be walking the street.”

Field pleaded guilty to assault by beating at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court.

The victim of the assault, a friend of Field’s friend, is thought to have swiped a Blackberry mobile phone after sleeping with Field’s girlfriend.

Justin Rivett, defending, said, “It was perhaps unfortunate that after discussing that incident, they came upon him and as Mr Field described in his police interview, all his anger and frustration came to the fore and he ran after him.”

Field, who had been slapped with a six-month community order in April, was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison by Eastbourne magistrates.

Presiding magistrate Dr Kevin Lucas said, “There were injuries involved, you used a weapon, it was in a public place, you stamped on the victim and you kicked the victim.

“The punishment for that is very serious indeed.”