Hallucinating man lashed out at police in Hailsham

A TEENAGER who lashed out at police, and a woman who came to his aid, after he took LSD has been ordered to pay them both compensation.

Max Zohrehie, who was also landed with a hefty fine, began his string of offending a few weeks after he was found with the Class A drug on him in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne magistrates heard that on December 21 he was in Hailsham, half-naked and behaving irrationally.

Zohrehie, who thought he was dying, alerted a woman after knocking on a door. She gave him a blanket but the defendant ran off towards Tesco.

He then barged into the doors of the supermarket and assaulted the woman who was on the phone to her partner.

The court heard the 18-year-old. who wanted her phone, gave her a bear hug.

Police attended the scene but Zohrehie’s offending continued after he jumped out of the police car and was duly chased.

He bit a police officer’s arm and thumb and had to be captor sprayed.

Zohrehie, of Windemere Road, Reading, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug of Class A, assault by beating, assaulting a constable in the execution of their duty, criminal damage and obstructing a constable in the execution of their duty.

Maxine Buck, defending, said her client had no previous convictions and added, “His actions were completely out of character and unforeseen by him. He enters early guilty pleas today.

“It’s accepted by Mr Zohrehie that he had a building problem with LSD, it started off from depression two years ago. He went to his GP and was promised counselling but it hasn’t materialised.

“He started mixing with a certain crowd and taking LSD. After being arrested in November his mother kicked him out and he went to live with his father in Reading.

“He came down to see some friends over the Christmas period and that was when he took these drugs. He started to hallucinate and believe the people he was with were going to kill him.”

Ms Buck said her client thought the woman who came to his aid was going to harm him and became suspicious of the police officers.

She added, “He does accept it was self-induced and in interview said he was ashamed of his actions. He does want me to express how truly sorry he is.

“He has typed letters of apology to the police officers and the lady that tried to help him. He would like the opportunity to speak to the police officers in person.”

For the drug offence he was fined £190 and £50 for the criminal damage. For the three other offences he was fined £63 each and was ordered to pay £100 each in compensation to the lady and police officer he assaulted.Magistrates also ordered Zohrehie to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.