Hailsham: Scrap metal thefts now a daily problem

SCRAP metal thefts are becoming a daily problem and the biggest issue for Hailsham at the moment, according to the Wealden District Police Commander.

Chief Inspector Richard Coates said reports of scrap metal being stolen in the parish were landing on his desk every day.

He said the metal was often stripped from benches or lead ripped out of porches at various locations in the parish.

Chief Insp Coates said, “Probably the biggest issue for Hailsham is the theft of scrap metal at the moment.

“It’s not a big issue but that is what hits my daily brief more times than I would like.

“British Telecom did an operation last week at a number of local scrapyards and some BT cable was recovered. 

“I have assigned a small team to concentrate full time on metal thefts and thefts from sheds, or similar incidents.”

The overall crime levels in the Hailsham were still ‘really low’, the police chief added. He said crime was at a five year low in Wealden with ‘dwelling burglary’ down nearly 50 per cent since the 2006 to 2007 period.

He addied: “Anti-social behaviour will continue to be an issue but [police] Operation Blitz has had a real impact.”