HAILSHAM: Operation Blitz targets yobs

POLICE officers were out and about in Hailsham on Saturday night in a bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour, underage drinking and crime.

A dedicated team of six officers were deployed in the town, and neighbouring Heathfield, between 6am and midnight.

It was part of Operation Blitz - a police initiative aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour and low level crime.

The officers spoke to 28 youths who were suspected of causing a nuisance.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “I am pleased to report that it was a relatively quiet night on the whole.

“There were only a few pockets of youths hanging around, not causing any problems.

“Officers interacted with 28 youths and completed a stop and search on a male who made off from the Blitz van in Hailsham.

“Although his behaviour was suspicious, he hadn’t committed any offences.”

The spokesperson said future operations like Operation Blitz would be carried out according to demand and necessity.