HAILSHAM: Man vandalised parked cars after drinking spree

A MAN who downed eight pints before damaging parked cars in Hailsham in a drunken rampage has been sent to jail.

Lee Russell, from Compton Terrace in Hailsham, appeared before Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on January 6, after pleading guilty to two counts of criminal damage to property valued under £5,000.

The court heard the offences took place in the early hours of October 31 in Sackville Road, Hailsham, when the 28-year-old kicked the wing mirrors off a number of cars.

Russell, who suffers from mental health problems, including agoraphobia, had drunk eight pints at a party and had decided not to take his anti-psychotic medication on the evening of the offences.

“It is no surprise that Mr Russell finds himself here today,” said his solicitor Maggie Biglou.

A witness who lived on the road, saw the defendant pull the windscreen wipers off his daughter’s Vauxhall Astra before breaking the wing mirror off and throwing it away.

He then went on break the wing mirror off a parked Citroën 2CV before also damaging the canvass roof of the car.

The witness telephoned the police after he recognised Russell walking in the town the next morning.

Upon his arrest, Russell admitted the offences, telling police, “I did it. I had been to a party and it was stupid.”

Russell, who has previous convictions including a conviction for criminal damage in 2009, also admitted causing four other reports of damage to cars in the area, including a white Vauxhall Astra, a silver Suzuki, a black Ford Fiesta and a black Fiat.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Michael Greenwood, sentenced Russell to six weeks’ imprisonment and ordered him to pay a total of £525 in compensation to his victims.