HAILSHAM: Man stole to buy suit for job interview

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A 26-YEAR-OLD man stole a stack of DVDs from a petrol station outside Hailsham to pay for a suit for a job interview, a court heard.

James Beechey, 26, grabbed two bags of DVDs worth £158.89 from Total filling station, near Horsebridge, and made off in a friend’s car on March 30.

He was spotted on the petrol station’s security cameras and staff called the police who caught up with the Peugeot 48 minutes later.

Beechey, of Gainsborough Road, London, admitted to stealing the 11 DVDs of The Social Network and The Other Guys in a police interview and pleaded guilty to the theft at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on April 1.

Madeleine Priestley, defending, said that Beechey had a job interview lined up with Anglian Home Improvements and wanted to look the part.

“He didn’t have anything smarter to wear than a pair of jeans and felt embarrassed that he couldn’t afford a smarter outfit,” she told the court.

“He came up with this plan to steal some DVDs so that he could fulfil this offer of employment.”

Beechey, who has 38 convictions for 65 offences, had been on police bail for other matters at the time of the arrest.

Magistrates said that they would fine him £165, but because he had served two days in custody he was not made to pay the fine.

Presiding magistrate Philip Ayers said, “If you’re going into employment with that attitude you will not last long in it.”