Hailsham man jailed after two assaults

A FATHER from Hailsham who punched a man and then spat at his victim’s mother has been jailed for four months.

Fred King’s spate of offending took place after an altercation between a man and one of the defendant’s daughters broke out at the family home in Otham Park.

Eastbourne magistrates heard that the defendant didn’t want police involved and said he would deal with it and the man then left the scene.

But the court heard 49-year-old King went to an address where the man was and punched him twice in the face. He was also hit in the incident.

Around an hour later, King saw his victim’s mother and sister in a car and spat through the window at the older woman saying, ‘I will burn you down’, before damaging the car.

King pleaded guilty to a public order offence and the common assault on the woman.

He denied the second count of common assault on the man and a matter of criminal damage, but was convicted at trial.

Sarah Clarke, defending, said her client had a disorder which meant he suffered from significant pain,.

“From the outset he accepts certain parts of the incident and entered guilty pleas to the assault on the woman and the public order offence.

“He returned home and the man was at his address having an altercation with one of his daughters – he had hit one of his daughters following an argument.

“Mr King returned home and intervened and the police turned up at the same time.”

Ms Clarke said her client admitted in front of police that he had hit the man because his daughter had been assaulted and that he disagreed with the prosecution over where the incident took place.

She added, “That’s different from what the prosecution said happened. Mr King accepts assaulting him but at a different location.

“There was then a verbal altercation between Mr King and the woman. She accepted that she called him a name.

“He accepts he lost his temper entirely and spat at her.

“He’s been married for 29 years and says he’s too long in the tooth to be going on with this.”

King was sentenced to four months in prison for each assault to run concurrently and three months in jail for the criminal damage also to run concurrently.

He was given no separate penalty for the public order offence.

Magistrates also revoked a community order King had been given for other offences because he was unable to carry out unpaid work due to medical reasons.