HAILSHAM: Council agrees to renew annual funding for PCSOs

A POLICE Community Support Officer will stay on the beat thanks to Hailsham Town Council.

On Wednesday (July 13) town councillors agreed to renew the annual funding of two PCSOs in Hailsham.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the full council and guarantees extra officers will work alongside others who are funded directly by Sussex Police.

The cost of sponsoring two full-time PCSOs for the year is £61,418 and is included in the town council’s annual budget for 2011/2012.

Residents have expressed their appreciation of the service provided by the PCSOs and their activities as part of the local neighbourhood policing team.

Councillor Bill Bentley, who has responsibility for emergency services liaison for Hailsham Town Council, said, “PCSOs provide a crucial link between the community and uniformed police officers and have been a positive addition to the local policing team in Hailsham, working closely with the town council.

“We think PCSOs provide an excellent service and, even in these difficult financial times, their presence in the community is important and makes a big impact on us being able to deliver key services to members of the public. “That’s what people want to see.”

Part of the agreement between the council and the police is that regular meetings are held between both parties to determine the council’s priorities for PCSO actions, including parking enforcement and tickets, street meetings, anti-social behaviour and the patrol locations of each of the two PCSOs.

The policing team will also provide articles and updates in the council’s quarterly newsletter to residents.

Town councillor and emergency services liaison Tony Williams said, “This good news comes at a time when a number of residents are anxious that PCSO numbers would be reduced in 2011 and that officer presence in the local community would diminish as a result.

“Hailsham Town Council’s continued sponsorship of PCSOs will allow our Neighbourhood Policing Team provide a visible, uniformed presence where it is needed most, to help cut crime and deal swiftly with anti-social behaviour.

“This is all part of the Town Council’s drive towards a safer and stronger community and delivering best value for money for Hailsham residents.”

To contact your local neighbourhood policing team call 0845 60 80 999 or send an email to contact.centre@sussex.pnn.police.uk.