Fraudster must pay back cash to pensioner, 94


An Eastbourne conman who spent ill-gotten cash on flashy cars and foreign holidays has been ordered to pay the money back to the vulnerable pensioner he stole it from.

Terrence Green, of Green Street, worked as a carer for a the 94-year-old local man but used his position to steal more than £64,000 from the elderly gentleman over an 11-month period.

The 56-year-old had been working for the victim since December 2011 and had previously worked in the care services for five years.

His employment involved domiciliary care, including entering people’s homes to tend to their personal needs and domestic cleaning.

He had recently had a day’s safeguarding training.

However, in December 2012, Social Services reported their suspicions that Green had stolen funds from the victim.

Police investigated and discovered that a total of £64,204.00 had been stolen over the previous 11 months.

Green had used most of the cash to pay for expensive foreign holidays, flashy cars – including a Porsche – and other household items and bills.

On May 14 this year, Green was found guilty at Hove Crown Court and was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. However, the police interest in him did not stop there.

A financial investigation followed and revealed that Green still had remaining assets of £10,582.05, comprising one remaining vehicle, cash and various household items.

At a hearing at Lewes Crown Court on October 6, he was ordered under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) to pay £5,000 within 28 days and the remainder within five months.

All of the funds recovered will go to the victim as compensation.

Detective Inspector Gill Sole of the Sussex Police Economic Crime Unit said, “We will pursue criminals to recover the proceeds of their crime and take away their criminal assets in addition to their sentence, and wherever we can, achieve justice for victims by restoring their property to them.”

Anyone who suspects they or someone they know are being stolen from, call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. In case of an emergency, phone 999 and ask for police.