Four-month jail term for thief

A MAN who smashed the window of a car and stole a sat nav from a car glove box has been jailed for four months.

Andrew Paul Blackford was stopped by police who discovered he was carrying the sat nav and took it off him, just an hour before the victim knew her car had been broken into.

Magistrates at Eastbourne heard on Monday that Kara Bishop had parked her car in Mill Gap Road early on Friday morning but, when she returned to her vehicle on Friday night, the passenger window had been smashed and the sat nav system taken from the glove box.

In the meantime officers had stopped Blackford, taken the sat nav system from him and he was arrested later that night when the smash and grab was reported to police.

Twenty-year-old Blackford, of Vicarage Road, Eastbourne, was kept in custody over the weekend and brought before the court on Monday when he pleaded guilty to theft of the sat nav worth £100.

The court was told Blackford has a severe drug problem which has got out of control and a lengthy criminal record.

He said he intended to sell the sat nav to buy drugs and wanted to go to prison to get away from drugs and sort himself out.