Extra jail term for addict who stole from car

A 24-YEAR-OLD drug addict who admitted breaking into cars to feed his habit has been given a four-week prison sentence.

Andrew Blackford, who is currently serving time at Lewes Prison for other offences, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Friday morning (March 25) and pleaded guilty to stealing sunglasses from a car on February 18.

He also asked for 10 other offences of a similar nature to be taken in to consideration.

The court heard that Blackford had been spotted hitting the window of a vehicle in a car park in Church Street.

The resident who witnessed the incident contacted the police as Blackford walked away from the scene with a rucksack.

Officers found the defendant nearby and traced his footsteps to where they found the rucksack in some bushes.

Blackford said that the sat-nav and money in the rucksack belonged to him but a pair of sunglasses, which had been stolen from the car, were found in his pocket.

There was also £150 worth of damage caused to the car.

Blackford is serving 16 weeks in prison for unrelated offences and was taken for a drive around Eastbourne by police.

During the drive he told the officers about 10 other theft from car offences.

Noelle McGuinness, defending, said Blackford had helped the officers ‘thoroughly’ with their investigations, despite there being no evidence in many of the cases.

She said, “He was dependant in drugs and he can’t remember the offences.

“He was just trying to steal whatever he could so he could sell the items and then buy drugs.”

Miss McGuinness said that Blackford was hoping to undertake a residential rehabilitation placement when he was released from prison.

She added, “He wants to come out of prison with a clear slate and to be clear of drugs.

“He does not want to be here before the court any more.”

Blackford was due to have been released from prison on April 23 but magistrates imposed an additional four weeks to his sentence.