Eastbourne woman jailed for sheltering grandson from police

Doreen Mitchell
Doreen Mitchell

AN EASTBOURNE pensioner who hid her grandson and another suspect from police after a fatal shooting has been jailed for two years.

Doreen Mitchell, 68, pictured right, took in Michael Campbell, 25, and Bobby Winser, 22, at her Brassey Parade home after they kicked and stamped on Daniel Herbert for trying to plunder a marijuana farm.

Mr Herbert, 27, was shot in the head in Clements Road, Rotherhithe, south London, as he lay helpless on the ground after the gang had attacked him like ‘a pack of wolves’.

Mr Herbert was part of a group who had targeted Winser’s cannabis empire, which he ran with friends from his maisonette in Eldridge Court, Bermondsey.

After the victim was cornered and attacked, Mitchell took Winser and Campbell to her Hampden Park home.

Together with her son Darren Mitchell, 42, who is Winser’s uncle, she provided false statements to the police about their contact with the pair and allowed Bobby Winser to stay at the house.

But Winser had confessed to an informant who had been giving police details of the Eastbourne drugs trade.

He said Winser had attacked Mr Herbert and then Campbell ‘put one through his nut’.

Winser, of Panmere Road, Sydenham, and Campbell, of Jago Walk, Camberwell, both denied murder.

They were acquitted of that charge but convicted of the alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

They were earlier jailed for 14 years each after the victim’s mother told the court the killing of her only son had turned her life into a living ‘nightmare.’

Doreen and Darren Mitchell denied assisting an offender but were convicted.

The court heard Doreen was an ‘ordinary and decent woman who acted out of misplaced loyalty for her grandson’.

Darren Mitchell has 26 previous convictions offences for drug-related offences.

The Mitchells showed no trace of emotion as Judge Richard Hone jailed Darren Mitchell for four years and Doreen for two.

He told them, “These offences are serious because they strike at the heart of our criminal justice system.

“Your actions significantly impeded the police investigation into a fatal shooting.

“Not only did you provide false witness statements, you harboured Bobby Winser who was wanted by the police. You repeatedly lied and have shown not a scrap of remorse.”

Turning to Doreen Mitchell the judge said, “You knew full well what you were doing and you are mature enough and intelligent enough to know precisely the consequences of what you did in covering up. What you did, you did flagrantly and deliberately and you might have succeeded.” Friends and relatives wept in the public gallery as the pair were led to the cells.