Eastbourne shoplifter stole hundreds of pounds worth of goods

An Eastbourne man has been ordered to pay back more than £400 in compensation for items he stole from local shops according to a court document.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 9:09 am
Scales of justice
Scales of justice

Phillip McManus, 37, of Sydney Road, Eastbourne, pleaded guilty to stealing eight beef steaks worth £64 from Marks and Spencers at Eastbourne, on January 7.

He pleaded guilty to stealing fragrances worth £86.64, from Boots at Eastbourne on January 17 and to stealing coffee worth £9.90 from Co-op in Eastbourne on December 9 and tampons worth £5 from Sainsbury’s at Eastbourne, on December 28.

In addition he pleaded guilty to stealing a trolley of items, of an unknown value, from Tesco at Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne, on December 24 and to stealing a Puffa jacket, worth £59.99, from H&M at Eastbourne on December 16.

He pleaded guilty to stealing meat worth £30 from Co-op at Eastbourne on December 11 and to stealing six joints of beef worth £98.16 from Marks and Spencer on August 5. 
He admitted stealing deodorant and razors worth £25, from Co-op at Eastbourne on October 30, to stealing meat worth £50 from Tesco at Eastbourne on November 12 and to stealing meat worth £25 from Co-op at Cornfield Road, Eastbourne, on December 12.

The court made a community order and ordered him to pay £439.69 in compensation.