Eastbourne’s police chief gives riot reassurance

AS RIOTS broke out this week across the country, local police officers have made sure Eastbourne is prepared for any potential disorder.

Chief Inspector Jayne Dando, district commander for the town, said officers had been sent to support Met Police colleagues in London on Tuesday but said local needs were put first when considering this support.

Although people in Hastings allegedly tried to organise disorder via Facebook, there have been no riots in Eastbourne or the surrounding areas.

Officers were out patrolling neighbourhoods in Eastbourne to offer reassurance this week.

Ch Insp Dando added, “Sussex Police would like to thank partner organisations, businesses and the public for their co-operation and help in maintaining virtually trouble-free nights in Sussex.

“The county has been carefully monitored and we were prepared for any disorder relating to the national unrest as well as serving Sussex as normal.

“It was important we acted swiftly and accurately to any rumours, particularly those via social media sites.

“It is very heartening to see so many positive and appreciative messages coming back to us from communities across Sussex, particularly on Twitter, and shows that such information sources can be used as a power for the good.”

As the Herald went to press yesterday (August 11), David Cameron was addressing MPs on the recent disorder.

Mr Lloyd said, “The disgraceful behaviour of the rioters and looters over the last few days in London and the Midlands need to be dealt with firmly.

“The message must go out loud and clear that such behaviour is unacceptable, and I totally support the Prime Minister in his determination to bring to justice any people who are involved in criminal acts.

“The police, yet again, are stepping up to the plate and I appreciate their efforts tremendously. Locally, I have spoken with Eastbourne’s chief of police and she has given me a valuable update on the national situation.”

To keep up to date with the response to the unrest by Sussex Police visit twitter account @sussex_police or website www.sussex.police.uk/news-and-events/news/2011/08/09/live-log-sussex-police-response-to-unrest.