Eastbourne’s District Police Commander discusses equality objectives

Chief Inspector Jayne Dando
Chief Inspector Jayne Dando

WE WANT to make sure that we meet the needs of our communities, and that covers many different people across the town.

We have begun work to develop key themes, known as Equality Objectives, which we hope will make a difference to diverse communities across Sussex and we need your help.

Most people who contact us do so because they need our help, but everyone who contacts us wants to be treated as an individual, to be listened to, and for us to do our job as well as possible.

Providing a single approach to how we deal with the public won’t work for everyone - and maybe not for anyone!

If we get it wrong, we are at risk of people not reporting crimes and incidents to us.

No matter what combination of factors and experiences makes you who you are - if you’re male or female, younger or older, gay, straight or bisexual, black, white, asian or mixed-race, have firmly held beliefs that are part of how you live your life, have a disability that affects your day-to-day activities, have come to Sussex from a country where policing is very different or are in the process of a gender reassignment.

The chances are that the services we provide could be better tailored to meet your needs.

In short, we want to put YOU first.

We want to be as open and transparent as possible so local people can hold us to account.

When you’re ready to tell us what you think, please click on our survey http://www.snapsurveys.com/swh/surveylogin.asp?k=132203758766

And if you want to leave your contact details, we can keep you informed of how our work on this is progressing over the next few months.

Within your neighbourhood team here in Eastbourne we have officers who act as a link to key groups within our community, from young people, to ethnic groups, religious groups to travellers and seniors.

We try and make sure that we have a better knowledge of the community we serve in Eastbourne so that we can ensure our service is inclusive and adaptable.

If you would like to know more about our diversity leads, who they are and what they do, please contact myself or your local officer.

I look forward to the responses coming in!

Jayne Dando

Eastbourne District Commander