Eastbourne roads among most violent in country

The new website
The new website

SUSANS Road and Mark Lane were among the most violent streets in the country in December 2010, according to a new online crime map of the UK.

Police.UK gives people the chance to check the crime rate in any British town, neighbourhood or even street.

Susans Road had a total of 30 incidents in December - 16 of them were violent crimes, six were anti-social behaviour incidents and there were eight other crimes.

These figures rank Susans Road as the 54th most violent street in the country.

Mark Lane also had a high number of violent crimes and was ranked the 101st most violent street in the country.

The small town centre street, which is home to a few bars and restaurants, had a total of 32 crimes in December. There were 12 violent crimes, 18 anti-social behaviour incidents and two other crimes in Mark Lane.

Eastbourne town centre as a whole had 474 crime and anti-social behaviour incidents in December 2010. There were 17 burglaries, 101 violent crimes, seven vehicle crimes, 144 other crimes and 205 anti-social behaviour incidents.

In the residential areas, Brampton Road in Hampden Park was a crime hotspot in December with eight anti-social behaviour incidents, two violent crimes and five other crimes.

Kirkstall Close in the Willingdon Trees area also had high crime figures with a total of 10 incidents and Primrose Close in Langney also had ten incidents in December.

Sussex as a whole was reported to be in the top ten areas for anti-social behaviour reports, with 6,370 in December last year.

The county was below only London, Manchester, West Midlands, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Northumbria in the table.

The figures have been published to help fight crime and the Sussex force has welcomed the launch of the website.

On Tuesday, when the website went live, Chief Constable Martin Richards said, “Sussex Police has today joined-up with all other police forces in England and Wales to launch a new tool that will help communities to better understand what’s happening on their streets.

“By making this information available, we aim to raise awareness of what we’re doing to tackle crime and disorder and how local people can support their local police.

“This new technology will allow us to provide more relevant information to the community. In addition to information about crime and anti-social behaviour, we hope to have updates on the activities and actions of Neighbourhood Policing officers and news stories from their areas.”

The site has proved extremely popular with five million people trying to log on and causing the site to crash when it was first launched.

To check the crime statistics in your street visit www.police.uk.