Eastbourne murder trial: defendant has ‘no recollection’ of night woman was strangled

Wayne Marshall denies murdering Tracy
Wayne Marshall denies murdering Tracy

The man accused of strangling Tracy Patsalides to death at a seafront shelter in Eastbourne says he has no recollection of that night.

Wayne Marshall, 38, told Lewes Crown Court today that he does not believe he murdered her because he is ‘not that type of person’.

Tracy Patsalides (inset) was found dead at the seafront shelter she was living in

Tracy Patsalides (inset) was found dead at the seafront shelter she was living in

Tracy’s body was found by police at 2.55am on June 12 this year. She was 40 years old.

Marshall, of no fixed address, denies murdering her and robbing his friend Graham Scott.

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He was cross-examined in court this morning and said he has no memory of the night Tracy died.

Prosecutor Philip Bennetts asked him why in police interview he said that he was sure he had not gone to see Tracy, but in court he claimed not to remember.

Marshall said: “I thought I didn’t go down there until I found out forensics said otherwise.

“It was a complete shock to me.”

The prosecutor asked him: “You have no recollection of what you did to her have you?”

Marshall replied: “If you are asking me if I have killed her, I haven’t.”

Mr Bennetts continued: “Why do you say that you didn’t kill her?”

Marshall replied: “Because I do not believe I did. Because I am not like that, I am not that type of person.”

Marshall was then questioned over why Tracy’s blood was found on his T shirt. He said he couldn’t answer that.

Marshall was arrested initially for the robbery, but after Tracy’s body was found he was cautioned on suspicion of her murder.

The court heard today that he lied to police at first, giving his brother’s name and date of birth.

He told the jury this was because he thought a warrant was out for his arrest because of missing a probation appointment.

The trial continues.

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