Eastbourne men in court over cannabis

TWO men planning to smoke cannabis with their friends have ended up in court.

Nathan Irvine, 21, of Cavendish Place, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply on May 14 and Jan Olah, 25 and also of Cavendish Place, admitted possession of cannabis on the same day.

The pair appeared in the dock of Eastbourne Magistrates Court together on Friday (August 8).

The court heard police officers had been parked outside a property in Cavendish Place when they smelt cannabis.

Police searched the men and the property and found the drugs. Irvine was found with a larger quantity than Olah.

Irvine said it was his turn to buy the drugs, which he planned to smoke with his friends. He said he had given a small amount to Olah for safe-keeping.

Stuart Grace, defending both men, said, “As far as Mr Irvine is concerned, there is no retail aspect – it was a sharing arrangement.

“Mr Olah is charged with three clip bags worth around £30. He was holding on to the cannabis for safe keeping.”

Mr Grace said there was no anti-social behaviour connected with the men smoking cannabis and he added, “They are polite amiable men and they are not drinkers. They stay indoors and smoke their cannabis.

“If the police had not have smelt the cannabis they would have smoked it, there probably would not have been any trouble and no-one would have been any the wiser.

“But of course, it is illegal to possess cannabis and that is the offence they commit.”

Magistrates ordered Irvine to pay a £200 fine, £50 in court costs and a £15 surcharge. Olah was given a £120 fine with £50 in court costs and a £15 surcharge.

The bench also ordered the forfeit and destruction of the cannabis.