Eastbourne get new police investigation team

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A MAJOR shake up of policing in Eastbourne is on the cards.

It is part of a reshuffle across the East Sussex Division of the force and has come about because of cuts and financial challenges.

Chiefs also say it is about doing things differently and insist the changes will not affect the quality of the service to the public.

Eastbourne District Commander Chief Inspector Jayne Dando said, “When the changes are implemented in September response officers will remain at Hammonds Drive Patrol Centre where officers are best placed to respond to emergency calls from the public across the town.

“There will be a new Responsive Investigation Team which will be based in Eastbourne and go live towards the end of September.

“RIT allows secondary investigations to be streamlined and removed from front line response policing.

“This means response officers will continue to attend emergency and priority calls but will then hand over the investigation and, where relevant, prisoners to the dedicated RIT freeing them up to get back out on the streets quicker.

“This new model will allow them to continue to attend emergency and priority calls but will have less paperwork and so they will be back out into the community more quickly.

“The staff on RIT are operational officers who are not desk bound but will also go out and interview victims, witnesses and suspects.

“It will reduce duplication and bureaucracy and the number of days it takes to investigate crime and will increase efficiency to improve the service we give to the public through the implementation of the RIT at Eastbourne.”

Chief Inspector Dando said the Neighbourhood Police Team in Eastbourne will remain unchanged.

“Its main role is to engage with the public which is more often done during the time when the community are available and want to see the team,” she said.