Driver’s Beachy Head ‘plan’ ended in ban

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A DEPRESSED father-of-two who drove to Beachy Head has been banned from the road after admitting having no insurance.

Police were called after chaplains saw Carlo Manfredi in a car. He drove off after they approached him.

Officers found the vehicle in a layby and the defendant nearby. He failed a roadside breath test and was arrested but was not charged with drink driving after it was found he consumed alcohol after stopping at the scene.

However, Eastbourne magistrates court heard the 47-year-old confess he had no licence and it was found he had obtained insurance after falsely claiming he had a full licence.

The court was told his licence had been revoked some years earlier partly because of problems with substance abuse.

Manfredi, of Trinity Trees, pleaded guilty to no insurance, making a false statement to obtain insurance and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

Andrew Whelpton, defending, said, “It’s the first time he has appeared. He pleaded guilty to all charges and has been full and frank with police officers during the interview. I invite you to give him full credit for his co-operation today and during the interview.”

He added his client had a long history of medical problems and had been depressed following the death of his father.

“Mr Manfredi is reliant on diazepam and prior to these events he decided to stop taking his medication and did take to alcohol to some extent.”

He added his client had decided not to go ahead with his initial plans and out of desperation had made false representations to obtain insurance.

Manfredi was disqualified from driving for a year and given a 12 month conditional discharge. His licence will also be endorsed for having no insurance and driving otherwise in accordance with a licence.

He must also pay £85 costs.