Driver hit pedestrian after parking illegally

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AN ILLEGALLY parked driver hit a pedestrian and put her in a care home for six weeks, a court heard on Friday (March 11).

Barbara Beales, of Greenleaf Gardens, Polegate mounted the curb and parked her Peugeot on a paved area near her bank on November 26 in Polegate.

When she left, 66-year-old Beales hit an unsuspecting passer-by, seriously injuring her leg.

The victim spent 10 days in hospital, six weeks in a care home and is still completely house-bound.

She has to have her meals delivered and her leg dressed as she recovers, four months on from the incident.

Beales pleaded guilty to driving without due care or attention at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Beales said, “I thought I felt something very slight, I looked in my mirror and heard a shout.

“I got out of the car and she was lying there in the middle of the road. I’ve been very distressed about it.

“I don’t really feel like I deserve to lose my licence. I did look around very thoroughly.”

Beales said she has used that spot outside HSBC in Brook Street up to twice a month for many years and claims she is a very careful driver.

She said she checked all around her before moving off but there must have been a blind spot which stopped her from seeing the woman.

Magistrates fined Beales £133 and put six points on her driving licence.