Drink-driving teen banned from road

AN EASTBOURNE man who crashed his car into a hedge was found to be more than twice over the legal drink drive limit, a court has heard.

Haden Colvin, of North Street, Eastbourne, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Friday (March 4) and pleaded guilty to drink driving.

The court heard police had been called to a car crash in Summerdown Road in the early hours of February 20.

The officers believed the 19-year-old had gone to turn right but had misjudged the turning and left the road before crashing into a hedge.

The police smelt alcohol on Colvin’s breath and he then failed a roadside breath test. He had a reading of 84mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath – the legal limit is 35mcg.

He was interviewed by police about the offence and admitted he had consumed 12 bottles of lager before going to collect his girlfriend from a night out.

Colvin represented himself in court and told the magistrates he was feeling depressed on the night because he had lost his job and didn’t have enough money for his girlfriend’s birthday.

He told the court he managed to scrap some money together for a birthday treat but his girlfriend then went out with her friends leaving him alone.

Colvin fell asleep and then got behind the wheel to pick his girlfriend up without thinking about the alcohol he had had earlier that evening.

He said, “A fox ran out and I put on my brakes when the back wheels kicked out.

“I have been very stupid and I am disappointed in myself.”

Colvin explained he had been unable to pay for the release of his vehicle which his parents had bought him for his 18th birthday.

He also told magistrates he was worried the drink drive conviction would affect his application to join the army.

He received a 15-month driving disqualification. Magistrates also imposed a £100 fine, £85 in court costs and a £15 surcharge.

Colvin was offered the chance to reduce his ban by taking the drink driver’s rehabilitation course.