Dispersal order crackdown on bad behaviour

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MORE than 100 people have been ordered to move on in a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

Eastbourne Police introduced dispersal orders in June giving officers new powers to disperse groups causing, or likely to cause, anti-social behaviour.

The new orders were brought in to prevent street drinkers and disruptive groups congregating in the town centre for up to 24 hours.

The dispersal area includes the seafront from the Wish Tower to the Redoubt Fortress including the beach and the town centre, bounded by Devonshire Place, Cavendish Place and as far north as Enys Road.

Already 100 orders have been issued and three people, including a teenage girl, arrested for breaching their orders.

The police, in conjunction with Eastbourne Borough Council, are already two months through the three-month campaign.

Sergeant Gareth Evans, from Eastbourne Neighbourhood Police Team, said that the campaign was running over the summer months when there is usually a rise in anti-social behaviour.

He said, “It gives officers the power to disperse groups who are causing, or who are likely to cause anti-social behaviour.

“This is the first dispersal order for Eastbourne and is a direct result of more than 400 questionnaires sent out to local residents and businesses asking them to tell us what problems they experience on a daily basis.

“According to more than 25 per cent, anti-social behaviour was at the top of the list.”

“Agencies are working well in positively engaging with young people on the streets. However, this power will be available to officers when they see fit in order to respond to concerns of residents.

“We care about what directly affects the local community and Eastbourne town centre is for everyone to enjoy over the summer months.”

Councillor Margaret Bannister, from Eastbourne Borough Council, said anti social behaviour will not be tolerated

“Eastbourne is a great place for local people and visitors and this will help stop a minority spoiling things for the rest,” she said.

“We will work to tackle it with the police over the summer.”