‘Disgraceful’ chants lead to ban for football yobs

FOOTBALL thugs who made sexual suggestions to a three-year-old during a match at Eastbourne Borough have been banned from their own club for life and from the Eastbourne ground.

Borough chairman Len Smith said this week the two Crawley Town fans would not be allowed into the Priory Lane venue in the future and said the club would not tolerate football violence or obscenities on the terraces.

“We do not want that sort of thing happening at football matches,” said Mr Smith.

“It’s disgraceful. We want people to come along and enjoy the game without having to listen to obscenities.”

The football chief said although the game had been at Borough, officials were not aware of an incident until afterwards when police became involved.

The two Crawley Town fans, who were already serving football bans for previous incidents, chanted sexual suggestions at the toddler during their team’s match against Eastbourne Borough at Priory Lane in March.

The little girl’s father was Police Sergeant Darren Taylor, who is the football liaison officer for Crawley, and the two were charged.

They appeared before Hastings magistrates last week and were banned from football.

Matthew Butler, 38, and James Butler, 20, are not related but both live in Crawley.

James Butler was sentenced to 10 weeks in jail and given an eight-year ban while Matthew Butler was given a 12-week sentence suspended for 18 months and had a year added to his four-year ban.

After the court case Sergeant Taylor said he had been appalled at the incident and no father should ever be subjected to such abuse.

He said, “As a police officer you expect to get some abuse and you develop a thick skin towards it.

“But when someone is actually threatening to sexually assault your three-year-old daughter, it goes totally beyond what anyone should have to put up with.

“Crawley have said these two will never be allowed to home games ever again and I’m glad to hear that.

“These idiots don’t belong in a football stadium.”