Defenceless cat dies after vicious attack in Eastbourne

Purdey the cat
Purdey the cat

A CAT has died after being kicked by yobs in the Whitley Road area of Eastbourne.

Purdey, a one-year-old male cat, died after an operation to treat the injuries he had sustained in the attack last week.

Paula and Les Valder, who have lived in Whitley Road for more than 30 years, noticed there was something wrong with their pet on Friday (August 3). Paula said, “He was in the garden in his little den and would not come out.

“We got some cheese treats but he still wouldn’t come out.

“I picked him out in the end but he still wouldn’t move and I carried him down to the vets in my arms.”

At first the vet said he thought Purdey had been hit by a car but when he saw the injuries properly he explained to Paula that her beloved pet had been kicked.

Defenceless Purdey had suffered broken ribs and a ruptured liver and had to undergo an operation. Unfortunately he did not recover well from the procedure and he had to be put down on Saturday (August 4).

Paula said, “When we thought he had been hit by a car we could cope with that, but when we found out someone had kicked him deliberately we felt sick.

“It is something you knows goes on and something you hear about, but when it happens to you, you realises how horrible it really is.

“It is a vile and disgusting thing to do because the cat has got no chance to retaliate.”

Paula has told her Facebook friends about the incident and says she has been overwhelmed by the support of people.

She added, “Purdey was such a dear little thing and it is really sad.

“We have had cats and dog all our lives and we have lived here for 33 years and there has never been a problem. All our animals have always died naturally.”

Paula and Les have reported the incident to the police and they are now hoping no other cats in the neighbourhood are victims.

She added, “We have still got his brother and I was terrified to let him out in case the same thing happened.”