Court told criminal is turning his life around

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A COURT has heard how a young career criminal is turning his life around.

Twenty-two-year-old David Jay Burnett had what his solicitor called “an awful record”.

But Burnett, of Wakehurst Road, was praised for kicking his drug and alcohol problems when he appeared in court on Tuesday morning over an allegation of theft.

Burnett admitted stealing a crate of lager from the One Stop in Winston Crescent in February.

He went into the shop with an empty crate and left with a full one.

He had not been in trouble before that since June last year.

Mark Kately, prosecuting, said when arrested Burnett was embarrassed about his actions.

His solicitor Tim Stirmey said Burnett was making good progress on his own initiative in a bid to re-establish contact with his young son.

“He has sorted himself out,” said Mr Stirmey, “so let him continue going in the right direction.”

Burnett was given a 12 month conditional discharge and not ordered to pay any costs.

Presiding magistrate Laurie Thorpe told Burnett, “Everybody is rooting for you. Keep up the good work.”