Couple hurled drugs and phones over prison walls

Kerry Seeley
Kerry Seeley

A couple have been found guilty of throwing drugs and mobile phones over the wall of Lewes Prison.

Kerry Seeley, 43, and his wife Fenella, 46, of Chyngton Gardens, were arrested after two packages were recovered on February 20 last year. They each contained three mobile phones, phone chargers and two packages of cannabis, and had fishing line and fish hooks attached.

During the previous weekend (February 18/19), a number of other packages had also been discovered from inside the prison’s perimeter wall.

These had mobile phones inside together with the relevant phone numbers for each handset handwritten on pieces of white paper.

Lewes Crown Court heard that Fenella Seeley was arrested on February 21 on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cannabis after she booked a visitors’ appointment to see her husband.

A subsequent search of her house revealed mobile phones, £800 in cash, a small amount of white substance and silver duct tape.

A number of mobile phone boxes were also seized which had numbers printed on them; these correlated to those found handwritten in the packages discovered inside the prison’s perimeter fence.

The couple were both charged in September last year and stood trial in March.

On April 18 they were both sentenced.

Kerry was given a nine-month prison sentence and Fenella was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years for count 1, nine months’ imprisonment suspended for two years (to run concurrently) and 100 hours’ unpaid community work.

Detective Constable Paul Gray, who investigated the case, said, “Operation Fish Hook is a joint operation between HMP Lewes and Sussex Police that started in 2010 to investigate packages containing prohibited articles from being brought, thrown or conveyed into the prison.

“Operation Fish Hook is on-going and these convictions show the commitment from both organisations that offences of this nature will be fully investigated and will dealt with robustly.”