County police in ‘anti-social’ trial

A NEW national approach to tackling anti-social behaviour is being piloted by Sussex Police.

The force is one of eight across the country which will trial the new scheme.

The government has announced the pilots will be based on five key principles.

They include creating an effective call handling system where each individual has a log of complaints from the first call.

It will also introduce risk assessment tools to quickly identify the most vulnerable victims, install off-the-shelf IT systems to share information on cases between agencies, remove the need for meetings, agree a protocol across all local agencies setting out how they manage cases and engage with the community to clearly set out the issues which are causing the most harm to individuals and neighbourhoods.

Superintendent Russ Whitfield at Sussex Police said, “Sussex Police is very pleased to be a pilot force in this continued drive to improve the service to the public should they experience anti-social behaviour. We have already made significant changes to the way anti-social behaviour is tackled here in Sussex and as a result of this have been selected to be a national pilot force.

“We are recording anti social behaviour differently and have set up mechanisms to ensure we capture repeat incidents.

“This is to deal with any cumulative effect or when incidents are reported to different agencies yet involve the same community, victim, or offender, we then look at tackling these issues in the most effective way.

“We will continue to work with our partner agencies to tackle these incidents, improve our service and to achieve a positive outcome for victims and communities.”