Conditional discharge given to shoplifter

A SHOPLIFTER with bi-polar who stole dresses from a store has been given a conditional discharge.

Carly Quantrill took the goods costing £10 from Matalan in what was described a ‘pointless theft’.

She went into the store in the Crumbles but was spotted taking the goods by a customer who alerted staff.

The 29-year-old, of Bourne Street, was spoken to by police the next day and the dresses were found in a vehicle.

At a hearing on Tuesday September 11 Quantrill, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to theft.

Anthony Waller, defending, said, “She is genuinely apologetic and feels ashamed about being before the court.

“At the time she was in a bad state of mind. Perhaps this instance has helped focus her mind and get herself back on track.

“She has had arthritis since she was seven and has been on medication for that.

“Around the time of this allegation she started to get side affects to this medication. She also suffers from bi-polar as well.

“She thinks for whatever reason she started picking these things up.

“Her medication has been sorted out now, she’s on different medication and steroids. She didn’t need a dress for any reason, it was a pointless theft.”

Quantrill was given a six month conditional discharge and must pay £40 costs.