Commissioner responds to more concerns


Police bosses have responded to more concerns raised by residents as part of the Community Conversation event run at the end of last year.

Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, hosted the event at the Winter Garden on December 9 which was asked the public to share their concerns about issues and problems.

As well as problems with street drinkers and anti social behaviour, people also expressed concerns about dangerous driving and numbers of vehicles belonging to one household being parked in the same road causing parking problems.

Katy Bourne said, “There is no specific legislation regarding the number of vehicles a person may have parked on the road and the introduction of the Road Traffic Act (1991) and the civil enforcement of parking offences means the enforcement of parking on roads and highways throughout most of Sussex is the responsibility of the local authority.

“If a vehicle is not parked on a yellow line or in a parking bay, is taxed, insured and roadworthy and parked safely then there is no action that police can take unless it is causing an obstruction.”

Mrs Bourne suggested residents take their concerns of commercial vehicles parking to the Traffic Commissioner.

Other residents asked why police were not doing more with dangerous drivers.

Mrs Bourne said, “We focus our resources in areas where there is the greatest risk to road users and with partners work to educate drivers as research shows this has be a better long term influence on driver behaviour than prosecution. We also run a website called Operation Crackdown which enables the public to report minor driving issues to us so that drivers can be educated and targeted for enforcement where necessary.”