Burglar left trail of blood through Eastbourne after smashing his way into pharmacy

A burglar left a '˜trail of blood' through Eastbourne town centre after he smashed his way into a pharmacy.

Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 4:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:17 am
Scott Leary left his blood at two separate crime scenes. Picture: Sussex Police

A judge said Scott Leary was ‘not a cracking burglar’ after Lewes Crown Court heard he left copious amounts of blood and a tablet computer at Day Lewis pharmacy in Furness Road.

Leary, 34, of Langney Road in Eastbourne, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and trespass with intent to steal this morning.

Police were called to the scene on the morning of November 19 this year by one of the managers.

Prosecutor Richard Hearndon said: “A glass panel on the front door had been smashed.

“There was an untidy search of the premises.

“Boxes of medicines had been pulled off shelving and out of cupboards. A till had been emptied and some prescription medication had been stolen.”

A quantity of cash was also taken.

Mr Hearndon continued: “What is significant is the intruder had left a lot of blood at the scene.

“He left his blood on the till, over the cupboards and the preparation area.

“A trail of blood which led from the pharmacy into the town centre before it had stopped.”

As well as the blood, Leary also left behind a tablet computer which police were able to link to him.

However it was not until Leary was part way through a second burglary that he was caught by officers, the court heard.

Police were called to an office block that was being renovated and found that an intruder had broken in through the ground floor.

Mr Hearndon said: “Once again there was blood found on the window, the handle of the window and on some keys.”

Leary was arrested and remanded in custody, the court heard.

Sarah Clarke, defending Leary, said: “Things have been complete chaos for the last 18 months.

“Bar none, every one of his previous convictions relates to drug use, there is no exception.”

Sentencing Leary, Judge Shani Barnes said she knew he had a ‘serious drug problem, and I do not imagine you did that lightly’.

She added: “Life in general has not been kind, but you are 34 and you are in serious danger of spending the rest of your life in and out of prison.

“You have to decide whether or not you are going to find the strength to have a life at all or waste the one you have got.

“I will give you full credit [for your guilty plea] even though you are the worst burglar I have heard of in months.”

Leary was jailed for 12 months.

Judge Barnes advised him to spend his time in prison wisely and learn skills and trades for when he is released.