Bowls club in Hampden Park is targeted by “mindless criminals” and vandals

‘MINDLESS’ criminals broke in to Hampden Park Bowls Club last week during the club’s centenary year.

The bowls club was broken in to on May 6 in the early hours of the morning. The alarms were activated and nothing was taken but some damages was done and club members have asked why it happened.

Pat Miles, a club member, said, “I would like to ask the mindless morons who broke in to Hampden Park Outdoor Bowls Club why they did it?

“They smashed windows, broke open our lockers, threw our bowls, shoes and team sheets all over the floor and generally ransacked our changing rooms. What for?”

Mrs Miles, who lives in Langney, says the incident is all the more upsetting because 2012 is the club’s centenary year.

“This is a special year for us. A year to remember, with special event,” said Mrs Miles.

She addressed the criminals and added, “You have certainly started it off well for us.”

She explained the club does not receive any handouts and is run and maintained by the members.

But is it not the first time the club and its members have been victims of crime. It has been broken into before and there was also a fire at the club.

Mrs Miles said, “We will recover from this upset. We have a big heart at our club and we will celebrate our special year in style.

“I just don’t understand the mentality of this mindless action.”