Ban for driver on mobile phone

A DRIVER who used his mobile phone at the wheel has been banned from driving.

Construction manager Matthew Drake told magistrates at Eastbourne on Monday, February 21, that he faced losing his job if they took his licence away.

But he was banned from the road for 28 days and must also pay £190 in fines and £100 costs.

The court heard Mr Drake, who lives in Callao Quay, Sovereign Harbour, was seen by a police officer on the A21 at Tunbridge Wells using his phone while driving his company car, a Vauxhall Astra.

When pulled over by the police, Mr Drake admitted the offence and because he already had nine points on his licence for two speeding offences and one of using his mobile while driving, he faced being banned because he had totted up 12 points due to the latest phone offence.

Mr Drake told magistrates he worked as a project manager for construction firm Roofline which has an office on the Southbourne Road Industrial Estate.

The 34-year-old said he needed to drive to sites across East Sussex, London and Kent.

“If I lose my licence, I will lose my job and my home and have to go on benefits,” he said.

“Trying to find a job in this climate isn’t going to be easy.”

Magistrates agreed to a 28-day ban.