Arrests up in Sussex drink drive purge

ALMOST 200 people were arrested during the Sussex Police Christmas anti drink-drive campaign.

Some 192 people were arrested after a total of 7,253 motorists were breathalysed during the campaign which ran from November 14 until the new year.

During the same campaign last year 176 arrests were made from 6,501 tests.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney, who has recently taken over responsibility for the Sussex Police Road Policing Unit, said, “It looks like people are starting to get the message that drinking and driving is not acceptable.

“Officers across the force, not just those from the road policing unit, carried out more tests this year than last year however a lower percentage of people blew over the drink drive limit. Sadly there were still 192 people who were arrested because they failed the test.

“By drinking or drug driving you are putting yourself and others at risk of serious injury or death. You also risk losing your driving licence which could have a huge impact on your life.”

During the campaign a man who arrived to collect his mother-in-law from custody in Eastbourne on December 17 after she had been charged with drink-driving was himself arrested after officers smelled alcohol on his breath.

He was breath tested and blew 39 – technically over the 35mcg to 100ml of breath limit, but just within the charging limit.

He was released without charge and a new understanding of just how little alcohol it takes to send people plummeting towards a fine and a ban.

On November 24 the accompanying driver of a learner was arrested in Norway Road for being over the drink-drive limit.

The 38-year-old man from Eastbourne was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in charge as supervising driver and has been bailed until this month pending further enquiries.