Alcoholic lashed out at police

AN ALCOHOLIC who lashed out at police and tried to evade arrest has escaped an immediate custodial sentence.

Cheryl Farley got on the wrong side of the law on July 14 when she tried to enter Super Pizza in town.

When she was told by a staff member that it was closed she started shouting that she wanted a kebab.

When the door was then locked the 37-year-old began kicking out and smashed part of it.

She picked up pieces of glass and threw them in the road and, using a piece of wood, began shoving it through the hole she had made and hit the staff member on the leg.

When police arrived Farley ran off and hid behind a skip.

She told officers to leave her alone and then began struggling when they tried to arrest her.

The defendant, who had to have her legs strapped, began to spit at officers.

Farley, of Pagham Close, came to the attention of police again a week later during a night out at the pier.

When officers approached her she appeared drunk and then dropped over the rails.

She was carried to the upper prom and began to continuously shout and swear stating she didn’t want to go home.

She began kicking out and assaulted three officers.

Farley pleaded guilty to four counts of assaulting a police officer, assault, two counts of resisting a police officer in the execution of their duty, being drunk and disorderly and criminal damage at an earlier hearing.

Anthony Waller, defending, said, “There’s a pre-sentence report and the recommendation made is a disposal with two conditions which includes an alcohol treatment requirement and supervision.

“They are to be made as part of a community order which is a suggested nine months.”

He said the first set of offences occurred when she was under the influence of alcohol adding, “She says that she doesn’t remember what was going on and doesn’t know why she damaged the window.

“She was shown the CCTV and said she was ashamed and that others would have been disgusted.”

He added she was drunk when the second lot of offences took place and said, “Under the influence of alcohol she knows she’s a different person.

“She’s had periods where she’s been free from alcohol but unfortunately started associating with people who encouraged her to drink.

“She was attending Alcoholics Anonymous and speaks highly of them.

“This is a case where you can give her her liberty but with these conditions.

“She does ask the court on this occasion to give her the opportunity to work forward.”

For each of the assault matters Farley received a 12-week prison sentence to run concurrently and be suspended for 12 months.

She was also given a 12-month supervision order with an alcohol treatment requirement.

She was ordered to pay £150 compensation for the criminal damage offence and must pay £85 costs.

No separate penalty was given for the drunk and disorderly matter and resisting police.