Crime figures have dropped in the town

Overall crime in Eastbourne has dropped nine per cent since last year, a review of the Eastbourne Community Safety Plan (ECSP) has revealed.

The news was welcomed by council leaders at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday where the achievements of the Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership were acknowledged and members voted unanimously for a continuation of the current Community Safety Plan.

The Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership is a joint initiative between organisations including the council, Sussex Police and local community groups to solve the problem of criminal activity including shoplifting, public place violence and criminal damage.

The report showed that in the last 12 months, serious acquisitive crime – such as domestic burglary and robbery - has reduced 20 per cent, public place violent crime decreased 2.4 per cent and shoplifting has dropped by 16.7 per cent. Since 2005, crime in Eastbourne has gone down from nearly 11,000 crimes to just over 6,000.

Cllr Margaret Bannister, portfolio holder for communities, said, “These new statistics are a clear illustration of how successful the community safety partnership has been at delivering consistent reductions in crime since 2005/6.

“There will always be more we can do to drive crime down even further and make the town an even safer place to live and work. This is why we are backing the updated Community Safety Plan.”

The current Community Safety Plan runs for three years from 2011 to 2014 and sets out policies for reducing crime and improving community safety. Other issues such as youth crime and anti-social behaviour have been dealt with proactively, with targeted financial contributions to youth initiatives and outreach programmes as well as a proactive approach to neighbourhood management.