Create a wildlife haven

Attract bees to your garden
Attract bees to your garden

SUMMER time is less than two weeks away and Eastbourne gardeners can attract more wildlife in just a few easy steps.

Sunday 25 March is officially the start of British Summer Time and as the clocks go forward, Sussex Wildlife Trust is asking people to remember wildlife in their gardens during the long summer months ahead.

Laura Brook, Sussex Wildlife Trust’s conservation officer, said, “Gardens and urban green spaces are important mini-wildlife havens in our towns, cities and residential areas.

“Until recently gardens were an underestimated resource for wildlife, but increasing more people are interested in attracting wildlife to their gardens.”

The trust has suggested a few ideas to attract and help wildlife this summer. These include: sow annuals in your flower bed or window box such as field poppies, cornflowers, corn marigolds and sunflowers to attract bumblebees, butterflies and other insects to nectar rich flowers

Start to take a few moments each evening to spot something new in your garden and log your records on the website and help the trust build up a picture of wildlife across the county

Once your spring flowers have started to establish mulch your borders, this will help to retain moisture in the soil with the predicted drought over the summer.