Crackdown on the sale of stolen mobile phones

A PAWN shop is working with police to try to cut down on the number of people selling stolen mobile phones.

Cash Converters, which opened up on Terminus Road earlier last month, has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to selling pinched goods.

Anyone hoping to cash in on unwanted items has to provide two forms of identification as well as having their photos taken to reduce the risk of any stolen bits and bobs winding up on its shelves.

Now though, staff at the store are teaming up with Eastbourne Police to put checks in place when it comes to buying up mobile phones.

All handsets will now be run past the force’s Checkmend system which flags up phones which had been reported to the police as stolen or blocked by the phone company.

The store will also be notified for the next 30 days following the initial check in case the mobile phone is reported as stolen after the item has been sold. In addition, all SIM cards are destroyed and factory settings restored so all customer data is protected. The Eastbourne store has built an excellent relationship with the local police and by sharing this information both organisations hope they can crack down on stolen goods in the area.

Cash Converters is also planning to introduce a new information sharing scheme which will allow the retailer to send details of all the goods it has purchased or put on the Buyback or pawn system each day so police can cross reference it to their records of any stolen goods in the area. John Colbert, business development manager, said, “Our relationship with local police authorities and systems like Checkmend are vital to our business, the stringent policies are enabling us to eliminate stolen goods passing through our store. Recent research highlighted that a fifth of survey respondents said the reason they didn’t sell unwanted goods was due to concerns over data protection. However, our systems should put customers’ mind at rest.”