Crackdown on illegal parking outside schools

An illegal parker outside Stone Cross School SUS-141015-172922001
An illegal parker outside Stone Cross School SUS-141015-172922001

A new campaign to stop people parking inconsiderately or illegally outside the town’s schools kicks off this week.

Police officers could be seen at various schools from Monday in a bid to stop parking problems in the vicinity of schools during morning drop off and afternoon pick up times.

The campaign is called Don’t Park Here and police officers and parking enforcement officers will be outside schools talking to drivers about safe and legal parking and where necessary issuing penalty tickets to drivers contravening road traffic laws and legislation.

A spokesperson at Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing Team said, “Parking illegally or inconsiderately not only creates road safety issues including danger to children crossing roads but also causes inconvenience to local residents and undermines the school’s efforts to be a good neighbour.

“School parking is also one of the priorities constantly discussed in Eastbourne at local neighbourhood panel meetings.

“The Don’t Park here campaign will highlight firstly that there are no excuses to park illegally and secondly that Eastbourne Police and our partners take this problem seriously and we are listening to residents’ concerns.

“If people drive to school to collect or drop their children off they should ensure they give themselves sufficient time to find somewhere to park safely and legally – the risk of being late is never an excuse to contravene road traffic legislation.

“Please do not park on driveways or block access at any time regardless of how long it is for. It is very irritating for local residents to have their driveways blocked by parents dropping children off at school every day.

“Many schools have also informed police of near-misses with cars when children are crossing roads so we would urge people to discuss road safety with their children and encourage them to find a safe place to cross, look both ways, listen for traffic and cross only when it is safe to do so.”

Children have been issued with leaflets for them to take home to their parents.