CQC report: DGH staff complain of bullying and harassment


Low morale, bullying and harassment of staff are just some of the concerns raised with health watchdogs, according to the CQC report.

Inspectors said staff were concerned about how change was implemented, low morale, bullying and harassment and a number of employees came forward to raise serious concerns with CQC about the culture of the trust and the care being delivered.

“Inspectors found every service to be caring and compassionate, with staff at all levels committed to providing good patient care and frustrated when they felt they could not achieve this,” said the report.

“Patients commented positively about the staff providing the care.”

In the outpatients department inspectors said staff had been unsettled by the changes and were stressed and unhappy.

The report said staff were “keen to discuss their experiences of this change throughout our visit”.

“Staff mostly acknowledged the reasons for the changes but felt that they had occurred with little consultation, without a good knowledge of their job roles, and without adequate support.

“Occupational Health told us that they were concerned about the sharp rise in the numbers of staff needing their assistance with work related stress.”