Couple’s shark theory blown out of the water

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A COUPLE who stumbled across remains of a fish on an Eastbourne beach are convinced it is a baby tiger shark.

Dale Williams and his wife Suzanne were walking along the seashore between the Pier and Treasure Island when they discovered the creature lying on the shingle on Thursday last week.

Dale said, “It was about a foot and a half long and already dead but I am sure it was a baby tiger shark.

“I looked on the internet and checked on some websites and people confirmed that it was a baby tiger shark.

“It’s a bit worrying especially when you think that the sea is quite warm and lots of people are swimming in it at the moment.”

Dale, who lives with his family in North Street, Eastbourne, said after photographing the creature he returned it to the sea.

Tiger sharks, which grow to more than 16 feet and are usually found in tropical waters, are second on the list of number of recorded attacks on humans.

But Tony Kirrage (pictured), from Tony’s Tackle, says Dale is mistaken and what he thinks is a tiger shark is actually a dogfish.

Tony said, “It is definitely a lesser-spotted dog fish, a lot of which are being caught on the beach at the moment.

“There were 10 weighed in at our Nomads competition last Thursday.”

Dogfish are small harmless spotted sharks which live and feed on the seabed in the shallow coastal waters.