Couple’s seven-year wait for Ella’s room

A COUPLE who donated £7,000 for a bereavement room at the DGH in memory of their daughter are calling for action – seven years after they handed over the cash.

Monica Corrina-Kavakli and her husband Aydin suffered several traumatic miscarriages and lost their daughter Ella in 2002, later deciding to start a fundraising drive to raise funds for better facilities for parents unfortunate enough to find themselves in the same position.

They became active members of the Save the DGH campaign against threats to the maternity departments and, with the support of 75 friends and family, held two sponsored walks in Ella’s name back in 2003 and 2004 - raising £7,000.

The couple were told in writing by the hospital’s chief executive Darren Grayson that work would begin on the bereavement room before the end of the 2010/11 tax year and that it would be officially opened on or around what would have been Ella’s ninth birthday.

That was July 3 and the room is still unfinished.

Mrs Corrina-Kavakli, told the Herald, “All we have ever wanted to do, was to create something positive in Ella’s memory, and all these years of waiting have simply aggravated our grief.

“We do not feel we should be made to wait any longer and would genuinely prefer to end our dealings with those in charge once and for all.

“Let them have the decency to give us back Ella’s money and in turn help us prepare to deal with her 10th anniversary by creating an appropriate and fitting memorial to her in our own way, by helping others who are suffering as we still are, after all this time.”

A spokesman for the trust said the £7,000 was only part of the overall bill, with the trust itself making up the rest of the £53,000 refurb cost but added, “We would like to apologise for the delay and reassure Mrs Corrina-Kavakli that the money raised has been ringfenced for the building work.

“The proposed works on the room have unfortunately been further delayed while final but some important detail changes then had to be made and approved.”