County council’s tax is frozen for third year running

East Sussex County Council has voted to freeze its part of the council tax bill.

This is the third consecutive year the cash-strapped council has frozen its annual bill, despite the prospect of massive cuts in services.

The authority said the budget will ensure economic development and improvements in roads, schools and broadband in East Sussex .

But the Conservative-led council has been criticised by Unison for planning between 80 to 100 job cuts as part of a drive to make £60m worth of revenue savings over the next three years.

Deputy Leader Keith Glazier said, “We are in the same boat as every council in the UK in terms of having to make some very tough choices on our revenue budget,”

“Our plans to save £60m over the next three years will mean changes and reductions in some services and more job losses.

“We are clear though that we’ll do our very best to mitigate any cuts and protect our key frontline services.

“We are determined to protect the most vulnerable in our county.”

The council plans to slash £34m from adult social care, £14m from children’s services and £14m from economy transport and environment.

The number of refuges for people suffering domestic violence are set to be cut from five to four, and after-school clubs and play schemes for disabled children are also under threat.

Unison spokeswoman Amanda Parks said, “They are already implementing cuts.There are regulatory roles disappearing, we are worried about social care.

“We are worried about not only our members’ jobs but public services.”

The rest of the council tax bill is made up of charges from Eastbourne Borough Council, and police and fire services.