Councillors get out for clean Upperton

The clean up in Upperton
The clean up in Upperton

CLEANING up parts of Upperton has been on the agenda for three councillors this month.

Councillors Tom Liddiard, Annabelle West and Alun Cooke have been out and about in the service road between Enys Road and Arundel Road and working in partnership with local residents and Eastbourne Borough Council’s contractor Milhams, the service road was completely cleared of much of the waste and overgrown trees and shrubbery that had accumulated over many years.

Councillor Liddiard said, “We are absolutely thrilled to have worked in such close partnership with local residents within Upperton to clear such a vast quantity of green and household waste which has been a plight on the area for so long. We have attempted to gain support to clear the area using third parties, unsuccessfully. So we thought let’s get out there and do it ourselves.

“Such a productive weekend has seen such improvement for the residents living within the vicinity. One resident told me it was the first time they have seen one end of the road from another in years. We were enthusiastically involved in this project and are looking to work in such ways in the future.

“The social action at the heart of the community has seen everyone working together to make Upperton an even more attractive place than it is already and following the extensive bulb planting across the ward, the clearance supported by Community Payback and the renovation of the Willingdon Road railings, we can really see action in Upperton.”

Eastbourne Borough Council’s contractor Milhams also donated two square tonnes of road surfacing material to fill in some of the substantial pot holes within the service road.

The councillors are pictured with residents Rosalind Lashmore-Lloyd and Emma Dickson.