Council wants you to feel engaged

In a bid to ensure Hailsham residents enjoy a greater say in how public services are delivered, Wealden District Council has drawn up a new blueprint.

But before the Community Engagement Strategy: Getting involved – Make Participation Count is put into action, the council wants to know if it has the right strategy.

Councillor Ann Newton, Cabinet member for Corporate Services at Wealden District Council, said, “The new spirit of localism, devolving decisions down to smaller, local communities, offers the exciting prospect of being able to tailor services at a local level – providing more effective help where it matters most.

“An important part of this process is the way the council engages with communities, individuals and organisations including town and parish councils.

“The new draft Community Engagement Strategy outlines the way in which we will involve them in shaping the policies, plans and services that affect life in our district.”

Community engagement can encompass a wide variety of activities ranging from communicating information to detailed consultation questionnaires, focus groups and projects.

The new draft strategy strengthens the Council’s existing practices and provides a coordinated approach to engagement activities.

In developing the draft strategy, Wealden has talked with a variety of different people and groups. Their priorities and comments have helped to shape its content.

Members of the public, community groups and businesses can see the strategy on the Council’s website,, search under Consultation Diary which provides a list of all the council’s current consultations.

The consultation closes on Wednesday July 17.